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Libby Public School District #4 is located in the northwest corner of Montana.  Libby is the county seat of Lincoln County.  Glacier National Park is about a two hour drive to the east, and the Canadian/US border is approximately eighty miles to the north.  Spokane, Washington, is 165 miles to the southwest of Libby and the Idaho/Montana border is 45 miles to the west.

The Libby School District serves a community of 11,000 with one elementary school (PS - 6), one middle school (7 - 8), one alternative school (7-12), and one senior high school (9 -12). The total student population is approximately 1146 students.



Justin Boudreau

Gear Up for Excellence

Libby Christian Church

Wednesday April 16


7- 8:30 pm

This former high school teacher, coach of the year, world traveler and author, exudes a realness that students don’t question. On stage, his heart will inspire young people to worry less about being cool and focus more on their future. Justin’s words will resonate with the entire audience and motivate students to start accepting themselves and understanding others.

Sponsored by: Lincoln County Unite for Youth Coalition, FVCDC, Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office EUDL Grant and Sanders County ELEVATE Coalition



  • The Montana Office of Public Instruction has granted a testing waiver from the U. S. Department of Educationn in order to avoid double-testing of Montana Students this year and to allow schools to transition to the new online statewide assessment of English and Math in 2015.


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